Daniella Pitto

Daniella Pitto - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

Los Monos

I am a designer of sustainable ladies' knitwear, known for a distinct and playful tactile approach that incorporates embroidery techniques with knit. I explore materials playfully, blending diverse yarns to craft collections filled with uniqueness and character. 

My recent collection, “Los Monos” (which translates to “The Monkeys”), delves into the symbolism of the Gibraltar monkeys on the rock. This collection showcases a rich variety of textures, ranging from the natural chunkiness of thick yarns to the delicate finesse of finer ones. By embracing a range of silhouettes through knit and illustrations, I create a playful and engaging aesthetic. My designs balance neutral tones with vibrant hues, reflecting the harmony of contrasts.