Dezheng Cao

Dezheng Cao - BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation

Dezheng Cao is a Manchester-based multi-disciplinary artist specializing in visual design, canvas art, sculpture, and 3D art among other mediums. His work is a captivating exploration of themes such as foggy glares, ancient stories, spiritual bodies, imaginary landscapes, and poetry, and evokes a melancholic and icy blue ambience with a quiet and mysterious atmosphere, often centred around the concept of time.

In the past four years, Dezheng Cao has meticulously honed his skills in various art and design disciplines. He commenced his artistic journey studying painting in Beijing and delved into fashion design in Shanghai. Furthering his exploration, he engaged in illustration in Edinburgh. This diverse educational background has equipped him with a rich creative language, allowing him to seamlessly navigate different mediums.

Dezheng Cao's primary focus lies in the realm of fine art, particularly in the creation of captivating canvas art. His commitment to storytelling through the soothing tones of blue and low-contrast lighting defines his unique style, offering viewers an immersive experience of his world of imagination and creativity. 

Vertical Gallery Commission