Eddie Allport-Bryson

Eddie Allport-Bryson - BA (Hons) Fine Art

The more time I spend making art, the more I begin to think that I am in fact not an artist. Instead, I am more like a poor researcher or bad analyst. Through analogies I desperately try to employ logic and reasoning to make sense of things, however, I only ever succeed in making it abundantly clear that there is neither logic nor reason present in anything.

The one thing that is for certain, is that my methods are totally irrational. In such unstable times, it is no wonder that solace can be found in concept; unable to be to be influenced or moulded by outside stimulus, concept remains forever pure. The issue lies when concept is actualised, in that moment it is always destined to fail.

Through rigorous planning, I achieve the complete opposite of science, there are no discoveries, only the continuation of what was already present.

Factually, truth cannot contend with fiction, I’m a walking contradiction.

God, I love art.