Ella Booth-Pryce - BA (Hons) Fine Art

When someone asks me what my favourite nursery rhyme is, my answer is always the one about the magpies. I think ever since I learnt that rhyme, I have always greeted a singular magpie. I wanted to understand why this had been an involuntary part of me, apart from the fact that it was an extremely British thing to do. 

I spend my time delving into the world of fairy tales and folklore this has been eye opening, realising how much of what we are socialised with has come from the nationalistic concerns of these archaic rhymes. 

Looking at each object created there’s a sense of character within each. Starting with the humble magpie, the thugs of the bird world, a sign of superstition and a species only out for themselves which should be seen as a bad omen, these associations were originally from ideas started by the church. 

On top lay Traces of noble British characters such as robin hood, well known empty British phrases, and picturesque ideas of home. 

All these items together form a distorted picture of polite Britain. Using my work as a mirror I want the viewer to wonder what does Britishness mean to you?