Ellis Brown

Ellis Brown - BA (Hons) Drama and Contemporary Performance

Teacher, Facilitator & Performer

I am a teacher, facilitator and performer that uses a kinaesthetic and collaborative approach to teaching to bring contemporary theatre to young people of all abilities. I focus on diverse perspectives that allow people to think differently. By saying yes to more ideas I help young people to use their creativity in ways that they have never been able to before. 

As a performer I create work that subverts an audiences expectation of what a piece of theatre should be. In my performances I have deconstructed and performed my everyday thought process, I have disobeyed the fundamental rules" of theatre and I have contrasted the teachings of artistic movements such as clowning. I'm interested in making more pieces of work that challenge an audience and makes them question what it is that they are watching. 

The inspiration behind a lot of my work, including an upcoming piece that is still in development, is the artist and performer Bobby Baker who creates autobiographical pieces that are both innovative and thought provoking. 

I hope to expand my experience in theatre making and create work that continues to inspire and challenge audiences.