Emily Daly

Emily Daly - BA (Hons) Fine Art


Natural eco systems are the focus of exploration within my work- whether it be the inside of a flower, or the shape of the human body and I try to make this link between subjects through layering and intertwining their visual qualities and details. I am interested in the collection of images of flowers seen on my travels whilst in Spain and document these through, photographing, drawing, painting, and printmaking, combining these with drawings from a series of recently undertaken life drawing classes.

Within my work, I propose to merge techniques from screen printing and painting to produce a complex, yet detailed visual experience making the viewer see afresh their organic forms through line, colour, and shape to begin to question what it is they might be looking at. Layering for me represents the wild dynamic, and chaotic interplay between the evolving characteristics of the natural world as well as echoing the intricacy involved. I wanted to explore the contrast in process of the methodical motion of screen printing with the uncontrolled, gestural, and messy marks of oil a stick or brush stroke of acrylic paint.

Taking inspiration from the surrealists, neo romanticists and modernists, my work aims to combine all of these with the fusion of traditional and non-traditional methods of image making. I chose to use canvas material in this way to play on the traditional use of the fabric but also because of its natural fibres.

Paper has also been a key material and element in my working, taking work drawn in my life drawing classes and transferring these onto other materials to see what might happen.