Emily Daniel - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

The Manipulation of Shapes within texture

My project titles "The Manipulation of Shapes" Stemed from my love of 3D Modelng and Abstract illustration. I wanted to use these skills to combine my love for both of these things with collaging and attention, The inspiration for this theme comes from my love of 90s tv shows and how they are able to capture the attention of their viewrs using abstract shapes and various bright colours.

I began rug tufting earlier this year 2024, I wanted my work to fit an interior space, so I began including my rug tufting into my reaserch of shapes, specifically, how I can use shapes on different surfaces and what textures I can make. Through triall and error I have created a collection of floor rugs and tufted mirror fraces designed to draw in the attention of those who look at it and for display in an inteior space. 

I used synthetic yarns to make these rugs because they are able to create that soft tecture but also, Its easier to sculpt, easier to make various shapes pop out or sink inwards, geving dimension and depth to my work, I also used a tufting gun to create these samples. Learning a new skill can be daunting however dont be afraid to try new things.