Emily Wilkes

Emily Wilkes - BA (Hons) Interior Design

Aphrodite: Woman's Reproductive Healthcare Space

How do we design a thoughtful and relevant space to help support social justice for woman and girls and a place to aid justice for their reproductive health?

According to a study by Imperial News, underfunding in reproductive health research, exclusion from clinical trials and misinformation create a disservice for woman and girls and often lead to misdiagnoses. Recent statistics show only 2% of research is spent on female reproductive health and this space will support woman and girls who suffer the consequences.

Aphrodite provides access to streamline healthcare and support for woman and girls through private consultations and workshops to educate them on what they really need to know about their bodies, reproductive health and wellness. It will offer support on how to help their issues in many different ways and eliminate misdiagnoses due to overlooking and underfunding in the healthcare system.