Emma Illingworth

Emma Illingworth - BA (Hons) Fine Art

Concerned with the temporal and strange, Illingworth has occupied herself with deep diving into the past via the archives of the internet. Having not lived through the historical events she draws from, she investigates the idea of ‘post-memory’ and the role the media plays in passing down what came before. From the well documented death of Diana to moments that are slipping away in the historical timeline such as The My Way Killings, endurance post-death and the legacy of a moment are central to her work. 

"I am a burrower. A worm hole enthusiast. A piecer-togetherer. A non-expert of the past.

 I trawl and stumble across documentation of what came before, scrambling to take as much of it in as possible. The parental figure of the internet passes down information to me in an inconsistent and non-chronological manor, through both oversaturated or poorly documented images. I welcome this break from the conventional historical timeline and play in the imbalance and digital grain.  When thinking of the internet as a vast archive, it brings into question the fate of history in the digital realm. Every day I look at the world from my windows laptop or whatever that Ray Davies”