Eve Pemrick

Eve Pemrick - BA (Hons) Graphic Design

Drenched X Rainmakers

I am a graphic designer who enjoys creating quirky brand identities and exploring unique forms of visual storytelling. From the haze of film photography to playful typography; I explore the visual language of all things that glow, shimmer and sparkle. My practice lies with a focus on sustainability and the natural world.

I will be exhibiting a branding, motion and print project - 'Drenched' with a supporting publication 'Rainmakers'. This was created as a collaboration with Grace Parnell.

Drenched is a film festival focused on the theme of rain. The occasion is an opportunity to celebrate rain through a series of films with iconic rain scenes.

Rainmakers is a publication affiliated with the film festival Drenched. It is a photography based recreation of historical rainmaking techniques. This follows the theme of wishing for and manifesting rain.