Hadisa Ahmad Tabussam - BA (Hons) Fashion

CODE 3000

"CODE 3000" is a visionary collection focusing on a dystopian future where a boy finds himself trapped in the 30th century. The world he navigates is one where technology has evolved beyond the control of its creators, leading to a society teetering on the brink of self-destruction. This collection explores the paradox of progress and the unforeseen consequences of technological advancement; I’ve designed the collection through what he may be seeing, upside-down vision, blurred and disturbed.

I often draw inspiration from architecture, a field I once aspired to pursue. I ensure that my previous skills seamlessly translate into my new career by incorporating 3D printing and construction techniques. My collection pays homage to the craftsmanship of 3D structures, inspired by Issey Miyake, whose work greatly influenced my transition from architecture to fashion. Working with leather and denim allows me to bring my visions to life, using engineered pattern cutting and meticulous attention to detail to ensure each garment truly represents the concept in its purest form.

All my final looks highlight key elements from the construction details such as seams and the use of materiality to alternatively focus on functionality which I explored in my previous years, I wanted to create a collection where each garment juxtaposes the other. Through this process, I found my passion for working with less malleable materials and challenging myself to create a fully constructed garment that has never been seen before.