Henry Pawsey

Henry Pawsey - BA (Hons) Fashion Art Direction

 I am a creative director who has a very strong interest and experience in styling and post-production. I indulge in highly conceptual and eclectic pieces of work that have a strong theatrical element to them which can be seen throughout my portfolio of work. I am heavily inspired by the decadence in history - particularly garments and fine art which I bring forward to amalgamate with my modern imagery and outcomes throughout my practice. My style of work can be easily recognisable through my strong narratives with this historical element thrown into the 21st century with digital elements and enhancements. 

My expressive styling and image making means I can create dreamscapes inspired by escapism and mental health through a queer lens. This makes my work have a strong vision throughout my work with bright colours and cutting edge imagery. I strive to tailor my style and practice to influence the queer community and the supportive groups of people who inspire me to be unapologetically myself. My inspirations and personal style can be seen in my work as an extension of me as I have developed into a fully realised creative.