Imogen Bell

Imogen Bell - BA (Hons) Interior Design

The Hatch

Step inside the hatch, where empowerment thrives and ambitions flourish. Girls aged 7-20 will discover the ability to define their futures by realising the construction/ trade industry is not restricted by gender but is fuelled by passion and skills. The facility will provide collaborative workshops, mentoring programs and hands on projects. The ground floor will accommodate the Engineering and plumbing busy boards, the joinery and woodwork workshop, a bricklaying space, a computer suite and the main viewpoint being the car mechanical area. Meanwhile, the bistro and the stage for mentoring programs and role model lectures are located on the first floor. The objective of hatch is to challenge traditional male dominance in these professions, believing that jobs shouldn't be assigned to genders. In order to address the issues of gender segregation, the gender pay gap, insecurity, safety, and stereotypes the solutions are,  educational workshops, access to roles that are stereotypically associated with men, and to create a woman only society. The facility will educate the young girls in the fundamentals of engineering, mechanics, plumbing, joinery, and woodworking, acting as an educational hub that blends enjoyment and knowledge.