India Bantoft

India Bantoft - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

As a print and surface designer, my practice celebrates bold colour and pattern through hand-crafted textiles. The basis of my design methodology stems from experimental hand-painting and drawing, as this is where I find the freedom for my designs to flourish. 

My work encompasses an intuitive approach to mark-making to encourage an overall sense of mindfulness throughout the journey of design. This is expressed in my most recent project: 'A Space to Be', where I have used spontaneous methods of motif creation to produce repeated designs with the context of yoga practice. 

Over the past year, my research has delved into the impact of AI on the textiles industry. This exploration has deepened my interest in themes of well-being, mindful practice and human connection - demonstrating how in this age of constant change, it is ever important to simply slow down and be present.