Jenny Stavers

Jenny Stavers - BA (Hons) Fine Art

Through my paintings, I explore views from windows whilst also bringing the viewer’s attention to the unsuspected beauty of urban life in a rainy city. By using oil paints on recycled pieces of MDF board, I captured scenes based on a variety of photographs that I have taken in Manchester over the years. This theme stems from my ongoing fascination with the idea of isolation and separation that comes with windows, acting as barriers to the world on the other side. The paintings were done on MDF board not only to express my passion for repurposing objects, but also to add character and history to my work.

I aim to convey the feeling of loneliness that living in the city can bring whilst also highlighting how interesting and entertaining solitude can be. Each painting invites the viewer to create their own scenario for the scene, similar to how we may subconsciously make observations and storylines when looking through windows.