Jess Lippa

Jess Lippa - BA (Hons) Filmmaking

Women's Work

Women's Work is a short documentary film exploring gender roles in the home and how women have historically been expected to bear the responsibility of domestic labour & childcare. The film consists of testimonies from a small group of women living in the North West of England, accompanied with filmic recreations and multimedia animation.

The idea for this film originated from my own mum, who has previously expressed some regret that she chose to stay at home to raise me - she suggested that she was not a good role model to me because she didn't pursue a career. My mum is, and always has been, an incredible role model and I resent this belief of hers.

Ultimately, this film is a tribute to her, as I want to celebrate female strength and show her that she is not alone in these experiences. My hope is that this resonates with women more broadly.