Kalyani Mohadikar

Kalyani Mohadikar - MA/MSc Textiles

Playful Waste

Hi, I’m Kalyani Mohadikar, a textile designer, specialising in mix media and CMF. My aim is to strive to make the Earth waste-free and address humanity's imbalance by fostering sustainable practices. Inspired by indigenous practices of using available resources, my project repurposes waste materials in their original state to create playful products. By transforming waste into interactive surfaces, I aim to design playful surfaces for educational spaces, specifically schools. My project focuses on the intrinsic qualities of waste materials and textile techniques to guide my designs. By understanding and interpreting the essence of each material, I create surfaces that tell a unique story. I blend various techniques such as weaving, stitching, metalwork, and woodwork to craft a touch, sight, and sound sensory experience of the designed surfaces.