Katie Tillyer - BA (Hons) Fine Art and Art History

Katie Tillyer’s practice spans making, research and writing. As an artist, her work primarily involves installation but also features photography, text-based works and sculpture. All works are process driven as she navigates her own ontological understandings by building, reconfiguring and tracing collections and systems. This sits alongside attempts at capturing flux, exploring the boundaries and emergence of artworks, and research that brings together varying interests involving philosophy, systems study and ecological processes.

Significant to her is our relationship to material, the environment and the impacts of this on our climate. This was partly explored through her dissertation which brought together systems thinking, biomimicry and art. Here she developed a framework for ecological systems change combining biomimicry’s life principles and systems theory, and she used this to evaluate participatory artworks as climate responses.

In Builds objects and materials are collected and assembled in an ongoing work of material play that evolves as it explores new spaces through installation. Elements come together, co-exist and move apart through constant rearrangement to form temporary works that reference instability and movement to overcome the stability of structure.  An admiration of material is also demonstrated through photographs that document the works to form a linear series that tracks how the build develops through time whilst capturing past details to create images that can be considered as both independent works and part of the build. Lists are also considered as ongoing and boundless whilst they track movement orientated around selected traces related to today’s relationship to the environment. Letterpress was chosen as the medium for the lists with likeness to material and construction.