Kian Repsys

Kian Repsys - BA (Hons) Graphic Design

A Graphic designer from Staffordshire based in Manchester. I adore Branding and what comes with it; I find joy in the whole creative process, whether that be initial experiments or perfecting minuscule details on final touchpoints. I love creating brand systems that permeate through different mediums which are flexible and diverse. My expertise lies in Branding but I have a range of disciplines, from UI/UX to Editorial. I find joy in collaboration as it allows me to bounce off others and inspires me to create work that will have its place within the collaboration, all whilst allowing me to have input. This page features three projects, Boug, a bold & exciting restaurant focused on eating insects, Goofy, a retro, playful Skateboard museum & Rise Up, my concept for the Graphic Design Degree Show.