Lauren Killmister

Lauren Killmister - BA (Hons) Fine Art


comfort. found in teddies during times of distress and trauma, offering their pillowy bodies and soft fur to ease our mental ails. but what happens to them, when our hurt has healed and they are left with all those injected feelings?

taking innocence and comfort out of the object, these teddy sculptures become a physical expression of trauma and repression, and the conflict between trauma and peace. cold and calcified, they sit out as portals to a repressed past.

discomfort. felt in indescribable ways, of varying degrees. posed in compromised and uncomfortable scenes, the drawings have a nightmarish and hazy quality that draws out the unease within.

nowhere to go except to seep out of our eyes and skin and mouths, a fog of despair. depth and darkness, blurred lines and smoky edges. intensity bleeds and smudges out from charcoal, like the burst of emotion felt when confronted by a flash-bang memory.