Lauren Shania Smith

Lauren Shania Smith - BA (Hons) Fashion Promotion


Through my work, I have consistently been drawn to intersecting my passions for creativity, technology, and innovation. Given the fashion industry's impact on the environment, the demand for sustainability, and the lack of affordable sustainable fashion options, I propose TechSure – an augmented reality application that provides real-time AI guidance for consumers to measure, repair, alter, and reimagine their garments from the comfort of their phone.

TechSure aims to reform consumers’ relationships with fashion products by offering a convenient, alternative solution to common problems. The application uses AR technology to help users create the perfect fit without stepping into a store, thus reducing the need for shipping and returns, with the option to connect and request assistance from local tailors. This will not only minimise carbon emissions associated with transportation but also address the issue of garment waste and overconsumption. For businesses, TechSure aims to provide support by improving operational efficiency, through optimising data entry, sizing accuracy, and reducing the time and costs associated with parcel returns. To further my understanding of artificial intelligence, I have pursued and earned external certifications, which have deepened my insight into how AI can reshape business processes and consumer experiences. Looking ahead, my next steps involve refining my business with the hope of collaborating with specialists in a variety of fields to bring this project to life.