Liz Llewelyn

Liz Llewelyn - BA (Hons) Fine Art

a2 + b2 + c2 Series

I am not the child of artists.

I am the child of list makers.

Every job was broken down into steps,

crossed off to order the chaos.

Compartmentalising to comfort.

Green post-it notes colour my memories

and my bin.

I can’t shake the habit.

Projects collide with life to generate novels of to-dos,

I get so overwhelmed I have to impose chapters.

Sometimes, I think the real artwork is in showing up,

the pen on paper drawing a line through the day’s task,

the loss of sleep over an idea as ridiculous as collecting touch marks on a trig point.

Maybe it’s just the ability to care as much as we all do.

Like those who raised me, I care through bullet points on lined paper.

I am always a list maker.

I am sometimes an artist.