Lucie Mcdougall

Lucie Mcdougall - BA (Hons) Fine Art

Lucie McDougall's artwork delves into her personal connection to environment, landscape, memory, and feelings associated with homecoming. She creates abstract marks to describe her visual language and depict the spaces and sensory elements she experiences within the natural world. 

The Scottish Inner Hebridean Islands of Mull and Iona, and the town of Dollar have inspired her the most. The wildness of these landscapes is reflected in her abstract and free drawing style. 

The incorporation of Gaelic within Lucie's pieces adds an element of authenticity to her work, anchoring it firmly in the cultural heritage of the Hebrides and Scotland. 

During her travels around Mull, Lucie discovered the Ardalanish Weavers, where she began to use weaving as a metaphor for linking heritage and art. Inspired by their practice of utilizing organic materials and skilfully harnessing the land, she sought to mirror this ethos in her own work.