Lucy Vincent

Lucy Vincent - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

My Fair Ladies

‘My Fair Ladies’ is an eccentric collection of children's wallpaper and gifting that reimagines the lives of medieval ladies-in-waiting in a playful and imaginative manner. Inspired by my deep-rooted passion for medieval history and the enchanting potential of children's imagination, my collection aims to create an interactive experience with storytelling at its core. Drawing serves as a foundational element in shaping my designs, and I endeavour to show this through the creation of intricate, maximalist repeat patterns.

Generation Alpha is set to be the pioneering generation growing up with immersive technology. According to the WGSN website, 66% of British children are already using a tablet before their fifth birthday. This has inspired me to emphasise the sustainable aspect of my designs by incorporating new emerging technologies. I have started to utilise augmented reality and physical elements to showcase the adaptability of my work. This will underscore how textiles can be appreciated not only in the physical realm but also in the digital domain, emphasising the intersection of tradition and innovation in my creative vision.

I hold the belief that nurturing children’s creativity is important and want to communicate the power of using imagination in design. As a child, I often lost myself for hours in a world of my own, reading books, creating at my craft table, or immersing myself in playful dress-up games. I often describe my practice as making what I wanted to see as a child and emphasise how designing for children can be a healing and alternative therapeutic experience.

I would like to thank the Textiles Society bursary for supporting my final project. 

Design Award Shortlisted Vertical Gallery Commission