Lucy Warburton

Lucy Warburton - BA (Hons) Photography

The sea as a self-portrait

‘The sea as a self-portrait’ presents a turbulent time in my life that this project helped me navigate, as taking the imagery was cathartic allowing me to process my emotion. I explore my own pull and connection to the sea as I have always been drawn to it. Different elements of the work such as a large-scale video allows the viewer to grasp the vastness of the sea and all that it holds. Cyanotypes of archived imagery to present the relationship that the emotion stems from in this work. A larger print that establishes the project as it presents feelings of fear and impending danger. This work presents my emotions mirrored in seascapes in Llandudno, North Wales. The sea is a repository of emotion and I felt as though I was the sea, and the sea was me.