Luka Simone Emanuel

Luka Simone Emanuel - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

Hi, my name is Luka Simone I am a Designer/Maker creating wall installation pieces for exhibitions/interiors

I’m a mixed media textile artist based in Manchester and originally from Birmingham. I have a love for transforming recyclable & unusual materials into captivating pieces. I enjoy finding innovative ways to transform often discarded materials such as plastic bags and pillow cases to create colourful and imaginative pieces of work. This includes scalable works of art that also represent the richness of my mixed Caribbean heritage, recently producing a series of pieces using hair and creating a larger exhibition piece using weaving techniques to tell a personal story of my own lived experience.

 It is critical for me that my work reflects my own conscience and observations in the world, showcasing the possibilities of recycling and innovating using the ‘rubbish’ from our everyday lives. I am also very proud of my roots and I believe art is an opportunity to express ourselves, with fantastic storytelling that aims to engage a broad audience in an interactive and fun way, making it accessible to people and diverse groups who ordinarily might believe art is not their ‘thing’.

Vertical Gallery Commission