Marcus Freeney

Marcus Freeney - BA (Hons) Filmmaking

Editor for 'Nice Guys Finish Last' and 'The Lake'

Throughout my studies, I have honed my skills and passion for storytelling through the art of film editing. For my final project, I had the privelage of serving as the editor for two major films: 'Nice Guys Finish Last' directed by Ruby Dorney, and 'The Lake' directed by Mia Hughes. These experiences have allowed me to contribute to compelling narratives and collaborate closely with talented directors. My work on these projects has provided me with invaluable insights into the intricate process of post-production, from working on tight schedules to perfecting the final cuts. This hands-on experience has refined my technical skills and further enhanced my ability to creatively solve problems and work efficiently under pressure.

As I progress in my career after university, I'm eager to continue exploring the dynamic field of film editing. I aim to work on a diverse range of projects that challenge my creativity and technical proficiency. My goal is to collaborate with filmmakers who push the boundaries of storytelling, contributing to films that resonate wih audiences on a profound level. I am committed to continuous learning and professional growth, aspiring to make a significant impact in the film industry as a passionate editor.