Matthew Madine

Matthew Madine - BA (Hons) Filmmaking


As an aspiring video editor and DoP, my passion lies in exploring spaces, discovering voices, and crafting stories. Throughout my degree, I have had the privilege of collaborating with a diverse group of talented individuals, enriching my perspective and honing my craft.

One of my most cherished projects is “Inertia”, a film that encapsulates the dynamic and often overlooked personal experience of a cyclist's journey through Manchester City Centre, traveling from work to home. This project consists of two key elements: a sonic investigation that transforms the nuanced sounds of the environment into a captivating soundtrack, and a 360-degree video that showcases the entire cycling experience at different times of day.

“Inertia” embodies my dedication to exploring unique perspectives and my commitment to innovative storytelling techniques. This project allowed me to delve deep into sound design, thanks to the collaboration with my good friend Julian Frank and immersive video production, reinforcing my ambition to seamlessly blend auditory and visual elements.

As I move forward in my career, I am excited to continue exploring the interplay between sound and visuals, aiming to create works that not only capture moments but also evoke emotions and tell profound stories. I look forward to creating more impactful and meaningful projects.