Maximilian Thompson

Maximilian Thompson - BA (Hons) Filmmaking

Raidho (Artist Moving Image Piece)

Throughout my school years I struggled to express myself and find my place in academia. After discovering I had dyslexia late into my school years, I turned to the arts as a way of getting my ideas and creations out to others. This new creative pathway opened up a whole new world for me, breaking up the mental block I had been dealing with in school. Since then I studied Music (GCSE), Media Studies (Alevel) and Photography (Alevel) - and from this I have since found myself bringing all of these together in film. 

Studying film I have been able to expand my creative ambitions to the maximum - making sure to keep my skills up in all aspects of film making - focusing on Direction, Cinematography, Editing and Producing. The aim of this being to set myself up for any future work in the film world that comes my way and also have the skills to work as a solo artist.

‘Raidho’ is an experimental moving image piece made for a gallery viewing. With one central film and 3 Norse animations either side - Loneliness, confusion , anxiety and distortion run through this project at it uses the British countryside's natural gothic and eerie landscapes to immerse the viewer in this dark new world. With the project being designed to be open to the viewer’s own resolution, it still tells its own story of a man getting lost in a modern take of Norse mythology . Through a live action, stop-motion, animated, mixed-media formatting- this new version of an old Norse tale surrounds the viewer. Thus, leaving them uneasy and lost on a journey in new lands and the beginning of a new time…