Mia Alexander

Mia Alexander - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

As Mixed-Media Textiles Designer/Maker, I blend traditional embroidery with laser cutting technology, to create dynamic sculptural pieces that spotlight form. Embracing my heritage, creating pieces that focus on storytelling through art, I am motivated to develop sustainable alternatives to traditional embellishments like sequins and beads. By using found materials and objects typically not associated with embroidery, I craft unique embellishments, incorporating items such as wine corks and paper.

My project, 'Kite Kinetics,' is inspired by my Jamaican and Grenadian heritage, merging the vibrant colours of Caribbean carnival with Grenada's kite-making tradition. These sculptural samples reflect the fluid motion of kites in the wind, transforming wood into a seemingly flexible material. This fusion captures the essence of free-flowing movement, blurring the boundaries of rigidity, celebrating cultural heritage and innovative design.