Mima Adams

Mima Adams - BA (Hons) Fine Art

The paintings I create explore experiences of the people that leave a lasting impression on my disposition. I prise the violet from grey clouds and search for the pink and yellow hues in my friends’ flushed cheeks, the colours of giggling in our bedrooms, the shades of excitement for life.

This unquenchable infatuation for the beauty of the world makes every piece of mine romantic. I narrate a version of my encounters, stories of the atmosphere and my subject’s persona onto canvas, utilising colour and mark-making in an intuitive, impasto and visceral way. Pastel stains depict my interpretation of the experience, the exaggerated colour palette permanently brands the artwork with the potency of my temporary emotions. I’ve no desire to replicate a person or scene, simply to translate what it meant to me in that moment.