Miriam Tait

Miriam Tait - BA (Hons) Fine Art

Miriam’s work is an exploration of the intricate and enigmatic realm of memory; guided by the idea that memory is not a fixed entity, but rather a fluid and evolving landscape. The artist aims to capture the nature of recollection within her practice by drawing inspiration from personal memories. Taking references from old family archival imagery, Miriam’s aim is to depict bygone eras, focussing on illustrating the recalled ambience of the moment, rather than complete accuracy and likeness. Despite the personal element, the artist aims to evoke universal emotions and experiences, namely a nostalgic resonance and sentiments of familiarity with the viewer. When painting, Miriam finds herself subconsciously coming to a halt when finishing areas, feeling the capture of the moment is complete, leaving areas seemingly ‘unfinished’, hazy, or gestural. Juxtaposing the intricate portraiture with more abstracted shapes in oil washes hinting at body parts or clothing is a main feature within the artists practice - bridging the gap between realism and abstraction. Portraiture and the figure has always been at the forefront of Miriam’s practise and her focus falls on the isolated figure with the rest of the painting feeling more broken down. As such, the main focus is the portrait, with the background and lesser remembered aspects falling from view in a dissolved, or faded, appearance. Miriam’s paintings have the unique ability to blend the past and present, creating a dynamic interplay between contemporary experience and past narratives.