Moni Parkin - BA (Hons) Fine Art

Moni Parkin creates evocative paintings that oscillate between intimacy and disquiet. They generate tension from expressions of adolescence inherent in candid photographs, leaving subjects suspended as nebulous narratives. Through solitary and thoughtful portrayals, Moni compels the viewer into voyeuristic engagement, heightening an intimacy between them and the subject to invite contemplation. Mundane scenes are dissected, revealing underlying layers that intensify the viewer's introspection.

Applying Renaissance-inspired painting and glazing techniques such as verdaccio and grisaille, Moni has developed an approach which enables colour, tone and value to exist separately and together on the picture plane. The paintings are intentionally temporary and underworked, where the traditional scaffolding of underpainting is revealed and elevated as the finished surface. Through a careful interplay of light and shadow, the paintings invite viewers to connect to their own fleeting memories and personal narratives.