Niall Trowsdale Stannard

Niall Trowsdale Stannard - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

Project Alien

My passion for design is rooted in the exploration of identity, self-expression and the feeling of belonging in the world. I would describe my practice as multi-disciplinary including weaving, fashion design and overall world-building. 'Project Alien' explores the journey of expressing and celebrating your own identity. Here, my identity as a gay drag artist is a physical representation of the alienation of queer people. For me, the process of weaving reflects that of the queer experience, weaving together complex identities of belonging, feeling othered in society and the necessary navigation through public spaces. The significance of the vibrancy of neon colour reflects the need to be valued in the world and owning your pride. It also reflects how popular science-fiction depicts 'alien'. This collection of 'alien' looks explores different facets of my queer identity and the way I see myself belonging in the world. This cloak is my pride flag.

Design Award Shortlisted