Niko Sarin

Niko Sarin - BA (Hons) Fine Art

Transformative Performance Proposals in The Pursuit of Creative and Personal Liberation

Niko Sarin is a performance artist exploring themes of mental health and self-image, as well as his relationship with performance itself. Shaped by a crippling fear of creative and social vulnerability, and a simultaneous, juxtapositional desire to be perceived as a confident creator and personality, Niko’s work publicises his own shames and insecurities as he seeks transformation, examining his personal relationship with The Audience in the pursuit of reimagining himself as a performer within his own eyes, and within the eyes of others. A practitioner of the belief that performance is life and life is performance, his work endeavours to remove the boundary between both public and private, and performance and the everyday. As well as providing a vulnerable and honest insight into the clandestine self-pity and self-hatred of mental illness that is not often discussed publicly, Niko’s primary goal within his practice is to analyse these feelings and induce radical positive change to his life and self through Transformative Performance.