Olivia McGrath

Olivia McGrath - BA (Hons) Drama and Contemporary Performance

Hello, my name is Olivia McGrath. I am a theatre artist and performer. As a theatre artist I have taken roles in directing, writing and design, as well as performance. My work is often ensemble based, highly visual and incorporates sound and music as a key element of both the process and performance. I enjoy incorporating elements of a DIY aesthetic in theatre making and design, often using simple methods such as handmade props, set pieces and puppetry.  

The integration of 'performer-technicians' and 'performer-musicians' is a defining element of my practice, as well as the use of games and play as a way of generating and developing material. I often use music as a starting point and inspiration to start making from, which is a quality shared in my work with the Construct Theatre Project; an independent theatre company based in Manchester that I have been a part of since 2021, as a lead practitioner. My role at Construct includes facilitation, directing, writing and design. 

As a performer, I have worked professionally with international performance company Reckless Sleepers and I am a current member of National Youth Theatre. I also often perform in my own work and enjoy creating physical performance, driven by storytelling.