Olivia Timms

Olivia Timms - BA (Hons) Animation


'ESC' is a stop motion short film, created in collaboration with Pamela Simoes Gomez, and made over the course of our final year.

The story follows an office-worker rabbit who is confined to an endless daily cycle of paperwork and meetings, until one day, an encounter with a wild rabbit leads him on a surreal journey down the rabbit hole, changing his reality forever, and forcing him to confront the artificiality of the current life he leads, and his place within it.

The film explores existential themes around life's purpose and meaning, and specifically the idea of a misalignment between the human spirit and the design of the world around us. 

In making this film we worked collaboratively to create all visual elements including script writing, character and set design, puppet and set making, animating, editing and compositing, aiming to create an deeply intricate and tactile world for our story to take place in.