Roberta Pellowe-Bailey

Roberta Pellowe-Bailey - BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation


I’m Roberta, an illustrator and designer from Greater Manchester. My practice is rooted in hands-on processes such as printmaking and paper-cutting. I am drawn to the bold graphic outcomes that can be achieved when employing these techniques. This interest sits alongside the more personal practices of observational drawing and keeping intricate sketchbooks. 

My interests include reading, cooking, the natural world, and learning about food origins and traditions. Having the opportunity to combine my own interests with the projects I undertake is exciting for me, so a dream job would be to illustrate a cookery book.

At the degree show I will be displaying a publication called “Kitchen Scraps”, which explores creative ways to overcome food waste; a project born from my interest in cooking and the environment. The book is 28 pages, written, designed and illustrated by me, primarily using paper-cuts and drawing.