Sagarika Silwal

Sagarika Silwal - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

Chromatic Fusion: Exploring Form and Substance

"Chromatic Fusion" is an innovative project that explores the interplay of colour, material, and shape. It’s an animation created in Blender showcasing three spinning toruses enveloped by cascading liquid metallic gold. In addition, there are two tangible 3D prints, produced using the HP multi-jet full-colour printer, that compliment this dynamic visual experience. Unlike other 3D printing methods that may use resin, this printer uses powder, offering a more sustainable alternative as the powder can be reused, significantly reducing waste and environmental impact. The project blends the digital and physical worlds, showing how they can come together to create something visually striking and touchable. This artwork also invites viewers to engage with the intricate relationship between visual aesthetics, material properties, and environmental considerations. "Chromatic Fusion" demonstrates how we can use modern technology not just for creativity but also to be kinder to the environment, creating art that's both beautiful and responsible in both the physical and virtual worlds.

Vertical Gallery Commission