Sam Bonser

Sam Bonser - BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation


I am an Illustrator and Animator who works across a variety of both traditional and digital media with a passion for atmospheric visual storytelling.Observational drawing and quick sketching are central to my practice. It helps me feel connected to and grounded in the world. It helps me notice extraordinary things and, more importantly, forces me to truly notice ordinary ones. To notice, study, and then record them. It is easy to overlook the beauty and magic of our surroundings.

Glimmer is a short story about creativity and inspiration. It follows an artist who draws his surroundings. As he draws, we see the city through his eyes and see the magic of his imagination and creativity. Over time, he begins to lose inspiration as he realizes no one is seeing the same magic as him. His inspiration fades and we see a world which is joyless. His art reminds him of who he is and how important creativity is for both himself and the world around him.

Design Award Shortlisted