Sebastian Roberts

Sebastian Roberts - BA (Hons) Illustration with Animation


I’m a visual artist, working representatively using digital and traditional mediums. 

Observation forms a core part of my practice and has been a running theme throughout my degree- focusing specifically on reportage illustration and how it can be used to document communities and the spaces they inhabit. I’ve drawn at jazz nights, theatre festivals and queer community meals. 

As to why I draw observationally - It was a surprise to find out most people can see things in their imagination. I can’t! At least, not very well. Because of this, I’ve found my practice has leaned towards observation and drawing from reality to create and inform my design ideas.

Design is also an important part of my practice, as I prefer my work to have a practical function within a context, whether it be for advertising, or documentation. It all comes down to problem solving - identifying the need, audience and solution. One of my favourite projects has been the ones developing advertising material for theatrical productions.

In my personal work, I’m interested in the questions and ethics of observation - as with my work being rooted in observation, the cultural implications of the power associated with that fascinate me. Whether it be the male gaze and the objectification of women, or how queer people can reclaim power from creating and seeing themselves within art, it’s all very interesting. 

Get in touch! I’d love to work with you :)