Shreya Tanna - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

Human Connection

As a knitted Textiles designer, I have always had an affinity towards the use of vibrant and dynamic colours within my work, harmoniously combined with pattern and structure. The overarching theme of my work focuses on the Human Experience, and I tend to draw from my own personal experiences and use those metaphorical narratives to inspire my work. 

“Human Connection” is a project exploring my childhood experiences and memories, drawing upon my vibrant Indian heritage, exploring the patterns, colours and motifs traditional to my culture, as well as drawing inspiration from my time spent in my hometown of Lisbon and the innate connection I have to it. I aim for my work to express a sense of “Radical Optimism” and spark a sense of joy in the viewer, hopefully uniting both viewer and work and perhaps allowing them to access their own childhood memories through seeing the exploration of my own. I endeavour to promote positivity through my knitted pieces, and for them to have an interactive quality, whether that be through their dynamic movement, large scale or innovative shape!