Sofia Maria Geraci

Sofia Maria Geraci - BA (Hons) Fine Art

Traces of a familial past

her history lives on in my hands

even if my pinch of salt will never taste the same as hers.


Embodied memories are cooked into terracotta terrain

and grouted onto her kitchen walls 

facilitating rituals of care of which she taught me.


I am the fig tree in my back garden 

finally baring fruit and plentiful

acclimatised to British climate, to the point where I become a tourist in my own home.


I carry and transport these memories like souvenirs 

a gifted truth which I display proudly 

but my version of authenticity will never translate the same as hers. 


My broken biliguality combines my truth with my familial past

I treat them like she would objects in her home

preserving and curating our memories to cherish them for the future.