Tilly Wilson

Tilly Wilson - BA (Hons) Textiles In Practice

I am a woven textiles designer, weaver and researcher.

Within my project Folk Furnishing, I explore an array of different weaving techniques and processes to produce a collection of woven fabrics inspired by folk national dress in Romania. Folk Furnishings consists of ribbon warps, double-cloth and extra weft weaves, to create the motifs and fabrics used within the textiles I am inspired by. When creating a project, I thrive in carrying out research and learning about other cultures or historical events, to influence my work. I like to gain new facts and knowledge, as well as producing woven textile fabric for home interiors.

During this project, I have challenged myself to step out of my comfort zone, and try new techniques and colour palettes that differ from my pervious collections. Folk Furnishings is a collection I am proud of, and has made me find my forever passion in weave.