Yara Engineer

Yara Engineer - BA (Hons) Fashion

Embrace the Apocalypse

My final collection is a heartfelt tribute to my father's world of mechanical mastery. It's deeply personal, reflecting his influence and the essence of his garage in every detail. Each piece carries a piece of his legacy, crafted from leather scraps I’ve collected from his car seat projects. I've combined his skills with post-apocalyptic aesthetics, drawing from dystopian colors and rugged clothing for this collection. Together, this collection celebrates not only my father's craftsmanship but also the enduring spirit of resilience and creativity that he instilled in me.

Through this collection, I discovered my passion for working with abnormal and unconventional themes. After graduation, I aim to pursue a career in costume design, specifically within the film industry, where I can bring these unique and imaginative visions to life. Additionally, I have developed a strong love for textiles over the past three years, inspiring me to further develop my skills in this area. While building my career in costume design, I plan to pursue a master’s degree in textiles to deepen my expertise in printing, enhancing my ability to create distinctive and innovative designs.