Zayyena Anwar

Zayyena Anwar - BA (Hons) Fine Art


Art is the echo of my journey, woven from threads of memory, spaces, and the essence of three homes. Each piece I create is a step along this path, exploring the landscapes of my heart and mind. I dance with acrylic and oil paints, my brushstrokes loose and free, conjuring dream-like realms. This technique blurs reality and imagination, capturing the fleeting whispers of memory and emotion. I gather images from my phone and family photos, cutting and sticking them into collages. These become the foundation of my paintings, forming my "dream comfort space." My art breathes life into the blend of personal memories and the physical and emotional spaces I’ve called home. Each piece opens a window into my past and present, where timelines converge. The images and collages are more than visuals; they are fragments of my life, each carrying a story and a feeling that weave into my narrative. Through my paintings, I am trying to grasp something far from my reach, an impossible dream, a vision that eludes me but drives my creative spirit. As an artist, I seek to create pieces that resonate on an emotional level, inviting you into the intimate spaces of my dreams and memories. I craft artworks that evoke familiarity and nostalgia, allowing you to find your own stories within mine. Through this connection, I hope to create a shared space of understanding and emotional resonance.