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Hi, My name is Brad Johnson

I'm a 3D generalist, and in my final year film, I worked as a, Production Manager, Asset Modeler, Compositor, VFX, Lighting.

The Villifall Project is a Final Year University Animation project, The animation itself is about a young secluded girl who lives by herself in a pod, she practices alchemy and potion creation.

The young girl Neb, is looking to create a friendship, something she seldom hathe, so she tries to create a life, and thus a friendship on her own.

During my final year of university, I created an essay about Animation and Schizophrenia.

Animation and Art are such diverse medias, that can really transform the world, I desire to create media which really makes people think about the world, and help expecially in Mental Health.

Else I really like video games.

Tags: 3d, 3d Animation, Animation, Art, Mental Health, Schizophrenia

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