Elizabeth Birch

Textiles in Practice

I am an aspiring interior print designer with a passion to design printed textiles for the luxury interior market. My design ideas come from chance encounters with objects, colours and experiences, a wall with chipped paint, a bicycle parked on Oxford Road; My inspiration always comes by surprise. 

Photography is how I capture these moments. Taking the images and using them as a starting point for design development. Hand methods and processes are how I transform my photographs into textural marks and colour palettes, which are then developed further to create repeat printed textile designs. My ultimate aim is to apply my passion for textile design to enhance people’s living environments through beautiful design work to adorn the home. I hope to create serene and invigorating home living which in turn promotes a positive atmosphere and a happy life. I hope you enjoy my prints as much as I enjoyed creating them.

Tags: Digital Print, Fabric, Interiors, Stripes

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