Ella Mathews Boston

Three Dimensional Design

Play is a fundamental tool for learning and therefore it is a gateway that allows people to ask questions and experience for themselves. I use play and interaction as vehicles to tell stories, engage people and encourage social awareness. 

My ReminiScent project uses a repurposed trolley acts as a literal vehicle for communicating the narrative of a dystopian future where climate change has caused the endangerment and extinction of much loved foods. Through sensory interaction audiences can experience the aromas of chocolate and coffee, which are threatened from rising temperatures, drought and intensive farming. By 2050 coffee and chocolate will be preserved only by their smell and supermarkets will devote whole sections to the aromas of long lost foods. 

Tags: Aroma, Climate Change Awarness, Cnc Cut, Consumerism, Dystopia, Electronics, Environmental, Futuristic, Infographics, Interactive, Led Lights, Lighting Design, Performance, Perfume, Projector, Reminiscent, Scent, Sensory, Shopping Trolley, Smell, Social Design, Urban, Welding

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