Georgina Barker

Textiles in Practice

My practice consists of mixed media approaches with a focus on wellbeing and inclusivity in design. Thinking about design as the ability to solve real life problems has given a contemporary strength to my work and enabled a new passion to emerge. Inclusive Wellbeing is an on-going project which tackles diversity in design and focuses on universal prototyping for people who suffer with postural defects, dexterous everyday tasks and sensory abilities. Within this project I have begun experimenting with digital technology, 3D print has allowed for prototypes, visualisations and custom outcomes to be created. I am going to further my interest in digital manufacture by studying a MSc in Industrial Digitalisation, a new and innovative course which will allow for new forms of collaboration and experiences to begin an exciting career within this field.

Tags: 3d Print, Design, Digital, Health, Inclusive Design, Wellbeing

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